četvrtak, veljača 4, 2010
My new blog is located on this link:

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petak, listopad 3, 2008
A colleague of mine Marin Frankovic and I started Microsoft community IT pro group in Zagreb. It was dormant 5 months :-(.
At the first meeting (2th of October) there ware 43 attendees. We have 2 lectures (redelivery from Security Days). If you want more info, please visit group official site: You have to be logged in to have access to presentations.

Slika s grupe
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utorak, rujan 30, 2008
On 29th of September I had Lecture named "Administrators are from Mars, Hackers are from Venus". The lecture was about differences between Administrators and Hackers. I was talking about 10 rules of security, Defense in depth, BoF, DEP and ASLR. Demos showed few "old" things somebody could do if Security is not as it should be, like: BoF, Sniffing encrypted files, how administrator could steal anything including all e-mails. Also I showed how an USB stick could be really scary thing because all you have to do is to stick it and all your data could be compromised. I also showed key logger and what it could do to your security.
Download the presentation (Croatian version)
Download demo 1: (BoF) - no sound
Download demo 2: (Sniffing EFS files) - no sound
Download demo 3: (I read your e-mail) - no sound
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utorak, rujan 23, 2008
If you want to protect your Exchange 2007 with DPM, please read this article:
If you are lucky everything will work, if not, you will have to play around with it.

Read this if everything else failed.

I hope this article will help you install DPM 64 bit agent on your Windows server 2008 or Vista computer.

The thing is that I had no problem with DPM client installation until yesterday, when I had to install it on Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V role and Microsoft Exchange server 2007.
I try to push installation of DPM client from DPM server and the installation failed.
What you have to do is:
1. Install Exchange server management tools on DPM server. 
If your DPM server is 32 bit download 32 bit Management tools for Exchange 2007
The main point is that you must install same version of tools as on your Exchange server.
Version 8.1 build 240.6 is Exchange 2007 with SP1
2. Copy eseutil.exe and ese.dll to DPM/bin folder, or even better create hard link to original files from DMP/BIN directory.
How?  Read the whole article
Fsutil hardlink create “c:\program files\microsoft\dpm\bin\eseutil.exe” “c:\program files\microsoft\Exchange\bin\eseutil.exe”
This command will fail if you already copied those files in DPM/BIN directory. If this is the case, just delete them (in DPM/BIN directory) and run command again
3. Install DPM Feature pak 
32-bit version
64-bit version
4. Now go to your exchange server 2007 and try to install DPM agent manually. 
-  Run DPM agent installation file from C:\Program Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\Agents\RA\2.0.5820.0\amd64
DPMAgentInstaller_AMD64.exe nameOfDPMServer
 - Run DPM upgrade installation from C:\Program Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\Agents\RA\2.0.8107.0\amd64\1033
Of course those paths are on DPM server you could share those directories or copy the files to your Exchange server 2007
If installation fails stop Windows Firewall service and try again
This is the part where my installation worked. :-)
Interesting part is that I had to stop Windows firewall service - disabling it trough Firewall GUI was not enough!
5. If you installed DPM Agent manually as explained in previous step, you should add it to DPM console using DPM Management Shell
- type Attach-ProductionServer.ps1 and then pass the following informations:
  DPM server name
  Protected server name
  Username (admin)

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srijeda, rujan 3, 2008
I'm "sick and tired"on searching web for information if some CPU support or does not support virtualization
Intel web site is unsearchable (at least I have problems with it :-) )
An now after 2th time I have to deal with CPU that reseller said it supports virtualization  (and it did not) I decide to compile a list of supported CPUs for future references.
Searching the web for answers did help a little, but the lists I found are not completed (neither is mine, but it has more info :-)).
So before i give you a list pleas red the following:
1. CPU MUST be 64 bit
2. CPU MUST have Intel VT technology support
3. CPU MUST have Execute disable bit support
4. Motherboard MUST have support for Intel VT
5. Motherboard MUST have support for Execute disable bit

Here is a list of CPUs that does not support virtualization (according to Intel):

Quad Core CPUs:

Q8200 - this is the only quad core CPU I found on Intel site which does not support Intel VT (until then I was thinking that all quad core CPUs supports Intel VT technology)

Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs:
Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor
Intel Pentium D CPUs
Intel Celeron D
All (at the time of writing - according to Intel)
Intel Celeron
All (at the time of writing - according to Intel)
Intel Celeron Dual Core
All (at the time of writing - according to Intel)
Intel Core Duo
Intel Pentium 4 single core that SUPPORT virtualization:

If you found some of this CPUs to have Intel VT support, please comment it. 
If you found some other CPU not on this list that does not support Intel VT, please write a comment

I strongly advise you to check with manufacturer for every CPU you are planning to purchase, and be careful, for instance: T7200 does support virtualization, but E7200 does not
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utorak, rujan 2, 2008
If you want to visit great conference on Mobility come to Zagreb on 9th of October. Conference is called Mobility Day and it will host deep technical sessions in three tracks (Business, Development and ITPro).
For more info visit: Mobility Day 2008 official web site

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utorak, srpanj 1, 2008
Today Microsoft Awarded me with MVP status (Enterprise Security). Thank you Microsoft.

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ponedjeljak, lipanj 30, 2008
I was on Vacation, and guess what happened? Hyper-V RTM is out ! And guess what? It's out  before we expected it to be :-).
As you probably know Microsoft announced Hyper-V to be RTM 180 Days after Windows Server 2008. Windows Server 2008 RTM was in February, so we expected Hyper-V to be RTM during August/September. 
If you want to download Hyper-V use this link
There are two downloads:
1. Hyper-V console and Virtual Machine connection tool for X86 version of Windows Server 2008
2. Hyper-V technology, Hyper-V console, Virtual Machine Connection Tool and Integration Services (for Server 2008, Server 2003 SP2, Server 2000 SP4, Vista SP1, XP SP2 and XP SP3) for X64 version of Windowws Server 2008
If you want to download Management Console and Virtual Machine connection tool for Windows Vista SP1, please use this link
If you need some more info, plese use this link
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nedjelja, lipanj 15, 2008
On 9th of June I had CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) course in Algebra Sarajevo. Course was 5 days from 08:00 - 18:00.
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nedjelja, svibanj 25, 2008
On 9th of May I had lecture on High police school in Zagreb about security. 
Slides (Croatian version)
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